The sign for Sivells Pub in the Glasgow Studen Union




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Oil painting of Bob in 3/4 profile

Robert Sivell


self portrait in oil



Oil portrait of older man dozing in a chair

Portrait of my Great Grandfather
“When you are old and grey and full of sleep”

Portrait of a young woman cutting oranges taken from a blue rimmed stoneware bowl

"For Agnes"
Portrait of Agnes Wallace, the artist's niece, from April, 1926.

Portrait of a Girl, at left, recently (2006?) changed hands at auction; the new owner sent me this photograph!

It has been identified as a portrait of Nancy Hunter, daughter-in-law of my maternal Great Auntie Kate Sayers Hunter. Nancy Hunter is the subject of several of Bob's portraits, including "The Senorita" owned by the Perth Art Gallery, and these two owned by my mother:

Close-up profile

Portrait of Agnes Sivell
This painting was given to Bob's sister Henrietta, and has remained in the family. The pose here is similar to the pose held by Agnes included in Bob's full-length family portrait.

Kenneth Dike,sat for these portraits when a student at the University of Aberdeen. Is this the late Professor Kenneth Onwuka Dike, Vice-Chancellor of U. of Ibadan, Nigeria?

Portrait of Baby Elspeth (Mother)

My mother as a baby in a rougher sketch

Nurse Violet Eleanor Reid, G.M.
This is a photo of a drawing commissioned by the Imperial War Museum in 1942. My sister owns another original portrait of this nurse, very similar to this one, but with a slightly different background.
Apparently the museum has been decommissioned, and the work sold. I would love to know where it is now.

See the Museum Label

My sister Jocelyn

Close portrait of guard with halbierd

"The Halberdier"
oil on wood, 12"x22", signed


“Sugar Loaf Mountain, Ireland”

Belle & Mother, on the Isle of Arran, possible a study for a more finished work,"Washing day, Corrie, Isle of Arran", recently (2006?) resold at auction.

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The Drawing Book

Isobel Sayers Sivell

My grandmother Belle

Thumbnail Photo of Painting 
My mother with doll

Painting in storage at the Aberdeen Art Gallery

Portrait of my Mother

Young Elspeth in Bed with Book
(possibly reading in bed while sick with diptheria)

Elspeth, seated

Portrait of John Hill Willis

This portrait is of a MysteryWoman is on the reverse of a board with the oil sketch of my mother (reading, sick in bed as a child shown above). She may be one of the Morton family from Craigie Hall, near Edinburgh.

Bob's parents
Watercolor Landscape of an unknown location. It is signed (unusual for Bob) and has 1907 painted into the left hand corner. Bob was 19 in 1907.
Family Group


At left is new, high quality photo courtesy of Aberdeen Art Gallery (thank you!) of this large, well restored family portrait of Bob's immediate family. The artist is also in the picture, but with his back turned toward to us and the family group! At one time the painting was cut in half for convenient storage! It is now in the good care of Aberdeen Art Gallery.

The painting (‘Family Group’) by Robert Sivell (Jr) RSA, dated 1919, includes, left to right: Margaret, Agnes (Jr), Robert (Jr), Henrietta, Robert Sivell (Sr), Agnes Wylie Sivell, and John.

Coastal view with turquoise waters and island on the horizon

Was listed on Ebay 12- 2013y

A portrait of Sam Hunter. I think this is the younger Sam, Bob's nephew by marriage, rather than his brother-in-law of the same name. Kate Sayers, my great aunt, married Sam Hunter, and I believe they had twin boys.

Portrait of seated man with pipe
Portrait of Sir George Pirie,

Profile of an Unknown Man

Unknown Man

possibly a study (or a sales pitch?) for the Sivell's Pub murals, shows more detail & finish than the mural. Benno Scholtz mentions Bob's concern that murals might not be valued & protected, so he made paintings of key portions of his scenes. The actual murals are on all four walls of a large room.

It is great to know that the Aberdeen student union murals have been retained over the years, and sufficiently valued to be cleaned and restored. They seem to be appreciated still: although the student union has recently sold this downtown property, it seems the murals are to be protected due to the historic interest.


A closeup from the mural wall at left.

The Drawing Book is a portrait of my mother, as a young girl, with her mother.

It is an oil painting, 770 x 515mm in size, signed 'R. Sivell'. The painting came into the collection of the McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Inverclyde, in 1935 and bears a label on the reverse stating that Robert Sivell's address at that time was 'The Hollow Stell, Kirkcudbright'. The purchase price of the work seems to have been £35.


Isobel Sayers Sivell
this favorite portrait of my grandmother, Belle,
has remained in the family,
but has suffered damage from travel and mold.

Isobel Sayers Sivell. This small potrait hangs in my home
above a painting of my mother as a very young child.

My Mother, Elspeth Stowell, nee Sivell
Girl in hat

Portrait of my Mother
"Girl in the Wood"

Thumbnail Photo of Painting 
My mother with doll

Young Elspeth in Bed with Book a rough oil sketch on board (possibly reading in bed while sick with diptheria)

Painting in storage at the Aberdeen Art Gallery, probably of my mother.

My sister with doll