The Drawing Book is a portrait of my mother, as a young girl, with her mother.

It is an oil painting, 770 x 515mm in size, signed 'R. Sivell'. The painting came into the collection of the McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Inverclyde, in 1935 and bears a label on the reverse stating that Robert Sivell's address at that time was 'The Hollow Stell, Kirkcudbright'. The purchase price of the work seems to have been £35.


Isobel Sayers Sivell this favorite portrait of my grandmother, Belle, has remained in the family, but has suffered damage from travel and mold.

Isobel Sayers Sivell. I hang this small potrait on a wall above another painting of my mother as a very young child.

My Mother, Elspeth Stowell, nee Sivell

Portrait of my Mother
Thumbnail Photo of Painting 
My mother with doll

Young Elspeth in Bed with Book a rough oil sketch on board (possibly reading in bed while sick with diptheria)

Painting in storage at the Aberdeen Art Gallery, probably of my mother.

My sister with doll