In 1997 my husband and I left full time Seattle careers for life in a cohousing community & self-employment on the Olympic Peninsula. We flew away from the city to be part of a consensus based community located in small town Port Townsend. We built a home &started a tiny software business called Firstraven Systems. Later we retired & sold our first (very beautiful) strawbale house to build a stylish modern SIP home & a separate art studio in the same Port Townsend community, RoseWind Cohousing.
Photo of my Treasure Chest based on my 2012
                  Sketcbook Project
I am Sandra Stowell, artist & maker:
  • Art In Progress view images of all new work, good & bad, with occasional comments on technique, art, etc.

  • Art Presented: view slideshows, featured works, a "bio", contact information, etc. Updated less frequently.

  • Family: family history & miscellaneous persnonal fun,

  • Artwork by Robert Sivell, my artist grandfather.

  • Housebuilding helped my art in many ways: I learned to like power tools, use diverse materials, & more.

    Note: ravens are not a family tradition, but a personal icon, and native to most places I have lived. The name FirstRaven comes from a NW legend I enjoy, but I have no Northwest Native ties. For me, this name is also about my personal connection with the Corvidae family, my membership in Corvidae Press, & the joy I feel when I hear a raven's resonant call.

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