A Classroom Art Show

Stucco carved rose painted

See photos of custom Yard Art!

"The craw killed the pussy'o,
The craw killed the pussy'o.
The muckle cat set doon an' grat,
In Johnnie's little hoosie'o.

My artistic home furnishings

RoseWind Ramblings: are my essays about living here in community and in Port Townsend, a town which has its tentacles around my soul!

WaterfallsTime outdoors, hiking, bicycling, and preservation of the environment and wildlife are important. We really enjoyed an amazing vacation trip in Alaska with Lindblad Expeditions. It was a fabulous experience for us and we took pictures, of course.

This photo of CacheLaPoudre Canyon, CO was taken on a long hot drive to Denver one year.

A brief cat history and a eulogy.

Wedding Bells!How I stopped living in sin (sin #1) Yin Yang SymbolTrying to stop living in sin (sin #2)

Books, books, books!Reading! Books, books, and more books.Coffee cup!

A short personal tale of coffee fanaticism thwarted (well, I do live in the Seattle area ...)