Straw Bale House: The Wall Raising Pictures
Slathering Wolf, 3 Pigs, and 3 Houses

This is the kitchen/dining room, from above. Note the box beam top plate, and the green polyester strapping tying the two walls together in the corner. 6 mil black plastic hangs out under the top plate.

Note also the ubiquitous blue tarp over our extra 80 or so bales. Charming, no? :-)

Bale wall corner w/top plate
Raise high the top plate, volunteers! Actually a homemade mini-crane was doing all the work, and we are just guiding the top plate as it goes! People raise a top plate
Here I am, at the wall raising, measuring and building custom bales. Sometimes you need a half-bale, but more often you need odd sizes, since the bales are not quite uniform in size. We rebuilt bales for two deeply beveled windows in addition to building short bales, so even with two stations, and the custom bale building was the bottleneck. Building Custom Bales

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