More Construction Pictures of the Straw Bailiwick

Photo This is a little sample of our house wiring, and how it made us feel. Michael did all the planning, and much of the implementation, with me as a recalcitrant assistant. Our consulting electrician pretty much threw up his hands after a while... So we are really wired! Miles of the stuff! Think of Michael's jacket pockets as like a chipmunk's cheeks; they are chock full of wiring nuts!

What with more outlets than we ever imagined, then Cat5 for phone and computer network, plus coax cable for TV (all through a hub wiring closet just in case), it is really quite amazing, and appalling. It seemed to take forever, but we have passed the electrical inspection, and have purchased most of the switches and receptacles needed for the next phase.


Then below, left is the latest view of the west side:

Exterior Photo
Another exterior view
And a view of he southeast of the house:

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