The Year after Moving in (1999-2000) Photos of the Straw Bailiwick more recently knows as "Gray Straw Shambles"



Here are the latest and greatest photos (c. 2000)!


The latest views of the south side (and with Michael):


Appreciate the (slow) start to our terracing. At least we have more flowers than weeds this year!

PhotoThe latest view of the west side:

Look! A tree! This east side view of the house proves that we are really gardening now. These plants will one day form a (mostly) native thicket screening us from the common house parking lot.

Photo The fabulous "clawfootless" bathtub (Gunnar, shown here, is the creator of the fabulous new wooden cradles the tub sits in):

It even has plumbing now, and is just what I need after a day digging in the garden!


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