Quimper Village: Just Saying

    Just saying,
    as I walk through the valley,
    that I live near here,
    near this pleasant valley.
    For years, so often,
    I have walked here.

    I support new building here
    for our aging community.
    It fits with our goals here
    for smaller, closer urban living,
    here in the valley.
    Here in town,
    we need housing that is modest,
    well planned, 
    and well built.

    Just saying, 
    last year this time
    swallows swooped here: feeding.
    Savannah sparrows clung here
    to tall swaying grass: singing.
    Sparrows prepared nests here
    on safe ground below.
    At night an owl hunted here
    for the small sleek beasties
    to feed it's young.

    But today in this valley
    I see one sparrow.
    It sits on a post,
    with no safe place here.
    In only a moment
    it will fly away from here.
    Away from the valley.
    Just saying, 
    This bird has no home 
    here in the valley.